Popular Demand

Popular Demand offers no apologies for its ambitious approach.

When founder Blake Ricciardi started the brand in 2012, he had reached a point where he was nearly out of opportunities - that’s when he made the decision to risk it all. With no investors - just a mere couple of credit cards - and only 4 t-shirt designs, Popular Demand debuted with zero fanfare. The bold, rule-breaking mentality the brand was built on helped changed that quickly. In under 36 months, the independently-owned brand catapulted from that handful of t-shirts to a full collection of headwear, tops, outerwear, bottoms, and accessories being carried in hundreds of stores worldwide and being featured in many music videos and TV shows. It has been and continues to be worn by world champion athletes, platinum selling music artists, high profile models, and industry moguls.

The ‘all gas, no brakes’ mentality led directly to Popular Demand to opening its flagship store on the world renowned Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles less than 2 years into the game - an unprecedented accomplishment for a brand in the streetwear industry.

The brand’s aesthetic, product, and mentality remain true to its roots - bold, loud, and living with No Apologies.